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winDECS brings DECS/FOS to your iPad. Your most-used DECS commands are organized in plain English, with all DECS responses recorded and saved for later review, printing, and archiving. CCI works pretty well, but it is disorganized and unfocused. winDECS is by nature organized and focused for pilots. It is especially focused for pilots who have no need or desire to learn the arcane workings of Sabre/DECS.

  • A true menu-driven DECS
  • Arranged by type, category, etc.
  • All DECS response screens are databased for review, emailing, archiving, printing
  • Quick access - don't worry about command syntax
  • "Sticky" values, enter almost any value only once. The app remembers your crew base, aircraft, division, position, etc.
  • "WinBid Reserve"-like reserve display/sorting.
  • Create/Send/Display HISEND messages.

Note: not all DECS or FOS commands are supported.

Supported Airlines:

  • AA
  • Contact the developer to add your airline



  • Pilots only
  • iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini
  • iOS 9 or higher
  • Internet connection
  • DECS personal mode credentials for DECS access

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Help and Technical Support

If you need technical support you can contact SafiSoft directly at Be sure to include "winDECS for iPad" in the email subject line, as well as your installed version number.



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winDECS for iPad current version: 1.0.4 (8/20/2017)